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Working at Launcho is for those possessing a strong entrepreneurial spirit to build, launch and scale consumer products and companies solving painful problems in the large scale markets.


You simple love to disrupt the status quo on your way to building something truly meaningful that delights customers.


Launcho Program

Our Launcho Program is at the core of our DNA. It is our team of amazingly focused and talented entrepreneurs that take ideas from 0 to 1.


Each launcher plays the vital three-part role of

1) validating the concept to creation,

2) generating meaningful traction, and

3) building the founding team, including ultimately finding a CEO to take the company “all the way.”


Once a company is off the ground, launchers have the opportunity to stay on as a co-founder and in a leadership role (eg. general manager), or to come back to the drawing board.

Who You Are:


  • You are insanely driven

  • You are no stranger to ambiguity. Actually… you thrive in it

  • You love challenges and solving problems

  • You know when to stop and structure thoughts, and you also know when it’s time to take action and get it done.

  • You’re probably not a traditional “big company” person

  • You are a learner, not a knower

  • You find workarounds when there is no work around

  • You’ve previously worked in business operations, growth, and/or been a General Manager

What You'll Get:


  • A peer-group of Launcho’s at our Venture Studio.

  • You’ll learn how to assess ideas, grow ideas, test concepts, and ultimately become intimately familiar with the Launcho ideation/validation/launch process.

  • Ability to work across all areas of the company, including product, growth, and business operations

  • Support from the Launcho platform (legal, HR, design, IT, engineering, recruiting, and more) to help compress the time it takes from awesome idea to meaningful company.

  • Access to the Launcho network of companies and relationships

  • One of the most unique and compelling opportunities to start an awesome company that will scale and create a ton of value, in a very de-risked way.


The Catch:

Since this is a highly competitive position, we ask that you:

1) take a moment to write a cover-letter versus just firing in a blind application, and

2) provide a one-page summary about the what area within the consumer space you are most passionate about and would add the most value to. This could include picking your favorite consumer brand and putting together a thesis on what demographic breakdown would be most appropriate for it, why, and map out a marketing plan for testing out that thesis in South East Asia/Asia (key messaging points, demographics, channels, and how you would measure success)


Email your applications to

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